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Our Services

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In the past 43 years, we have steadily climbed to the top of our industry. We have managed events in and out of Florida, managed corporate lunches and parties as well as outdoor concerts. Our expertise is in:

Event Permitting (City of Orlando 18a and Orange County).

Our firm introduced The City and the County to outdoor events. Many of the requirements that are in place today came as a direct result of our events. From Police/ EMT staffing to event clean up.

Event Cleaning:

Cleanliness is important to your spectators and your sponsors. But if you want to hold your event again, it is important that the area be restored within the time allotted by the venue owner. We are fast, detailed and have years of experience in event cleaning.

Event Fencing:

Proper fencing is important to any event. Our standing/temporary fences meet the standards of the State of Florida ATF. If you are selling beer or alcohol, you will need standing fencing that is in compliance.

Event Management:

Do you find the City forms confusing? Let our Event Management Experts help you get through the permitting. For a reasonable rate, we can meet and go through the paperwork together. We can fill out the 18A application, Street closure application and help you navigate the 15 or so departments that will contact you regarding your outdoor event. During the meeting, we can also provide you with forms to help you balance your cashiers at your event and answer any event related questions you may have.


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