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A leader in the Central Florida Hispanic Market, there is no one more qualified to represent you.  With over 44 years of experience we organize everything from pre-planning to post event.  We understand our community and our market.  We know how traffic moves within an event to ensure the highest traffic location.  We understand how to approach our market with your materials in order to make a lasting impact and further promote your brand.


Rene’s Productions owns, produces and organizes 2 of Central Florida’s largest Hispanic Events.  No other event in Central Florida even comes close to reaching our attendance records, safety records and quality entertainment.

Here are some samples of our dedicated and targeted event promotion.

2017 Calendar

Orlando Tropical Fest  

Orlando Tropical Fest 2016


Now in it’s 6th year, this event is proving to be a highlight of the Easter Season for Hispanics in Central Florida.  On March 19, 2017, we celebrate Hispanic Heritage at the City of Orlando Festival Park.  The park was established to hold it’s sister event (Fiesta Medina) and now with Medina’s retirement, the park welcomes “Orlando Tropical Fest”.  2 stages, top of the line entertainment, food, vendors and a great family atmosphere.


Festival Calle Orange Downtown Orlando

Calle Orange 2016

Festival Calle Orange 2016


Celebrating the 17th annual event on October 30, 2017. This Central Florida Tradition attracts 60,000 to 100,000 spectators from all over the State of Florida. We close down 10 City Blocks and provide only the best entertainment on any one of our 4 stages.

Vendors and sponsors line the streets to receive the thousands of people who arrive early to fill their goodie bags and try new things.

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